Ruby’s Pure Honey

The benefits of Pure Honey


ruby's pure honey orange blossom
Ruby’s Pure Honey Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom Honey is produced in Florida, Southern California and parts of Texas. Ruby’s Orange blossom Honey is produced by the Florida Honey Bees.

Ruby’s Pure Honey Orange Blossom is a delightfully aromatic specialty honey made from the blossoms of Florida orange trees, Florida best aromatic and pure source.   Ruby’s Pure Honey Orange Blossom is Umm m Honey delicious!

Natural Pure honey / raw honey is always good news when it come to benefits:
Cough suppressant
Help aid with blood sugar regulation
Help aid with cholesterol regulation
Honey a help aid in treating various bacterial infection,
also honey is great in healing ulcers/ skin infections.
Ruby’s Pure Honey Orange Blossom
Price:$14.85 Sale Price $12.85


 All pure and natural honey will crystallize.    When honey crystallize it may be enjoyed as a spread or be re-liquefied by microwave oven or by placing in 150 degree hot water.   Keep stored at room temperature to delay crystallization. Our honey is 100% pure; it is carefully warm to 138 degrees to prolong the liquid shelf life and preserve the beneficial enzymes.   Honey is a natural sweetener, and is sweeter than sugar; honey is really good so much so that it is written in the Book of books. Proverbs 24:13:    My Son eat thou honey, because it is good; and the honey comb, which is sweet to the taste.    Honey is a gift from the honey bees, it has great health benefits.   Honey is an excellent antioxidant and helps to cleanse your system. It’s great to put in tea, delicious on toast, biscuits, wafers, and many other dishes and recipes.  Honey is so much healthier than sugar in the fact that it’s not processed much at all.


ruby's pure honey wildflower
Ruby’s Pure Honey Wildflower

Ruby’s Pure Honey Wildflower, natural unfiltered honey contain many beneficial ingredients, including Pollens, Minerals, Antioxidants, Enzymes, Natural Vitamins and Amino Acids.   Ruby’s Pure Honey Wildflower is harvested and hand packed in Texas, produced by Texas Honey Bees.  Where the Bluebonnet and the common Sunflower grow in abundant in the wilds of Texas. The Bluebonnet bluish – purple in color mostly found in Texas, so beautiful in the wooded area in the little small towns in Texas, where honey may be found dripping from the tree to the ground, or just all over the ground. The Bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas.   Ruby’s Pure Honey Wildflower is just Texas Honey delicious!

Ruby’s Pure Honey Wildflower

Price: $12.95  Sale Price: $11.85





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